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Teen Patti 555 App Download, Teen Patti 555 APK Download, Teen Patti 555 app referral code. hope you are doing well, today I will share with you a new Rummy money earning app. Like many Rummy apps that I have reviewed before, namely and Happy Teen Patti. Teen Patti 555 app is also a great app if you want to earn money without investment. This app offers ₹40 to new users when they download and install the app.

teen patti 555 apk download

To create your account and claim the reward, you need to enter your mobile number and bank account details.

Sign up Bonus: ₹40

Teen Patti 555 APK Download Details

Teen Patti 555 APK DownloadClick here
APK Size40 MB
PublisherTeen Patti TSTRJ

Features of Teen Patti 555 APK

  • Instant ₹40 real cash on sign up
  • Sign up bonus is 100% usable
  • Refer and earn 30% + ₹100
  • No limit to referral income
  • No withdrawal limits
  • Same day withdrawals(usually takes 5 minutes)
  • No verification requirement.

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Teen Patti 555 Bonus:

The Teen Patti 555 app offers a wide variety of bonuses and rewards. For example, you can get ₹40 just by signing up. And the most important part is that the bonus is 100% usable. So if you want you can play cash games using the sign up bonus and if you lose you can try other Teen Patti App.

How to Sign up on Teen Patti 555 APK

1. First, download the Teen Patti 555 apk and install it.

2. Open the app and tap Guest > Bound.

bound number

2. Enter the required information and verify your mobile number

teen patti 555 sign up

3. ₹42 will be instantly added to your account.

Now tap Add and select a payment method and ₹500 to add money. Or you can add any amount you want. The more you deposit the more cashback you will get. So you will have more amount to play and more money to win.

Teen Patti 555 Withdrawal Rules:

  • Minimum withdrawal amount: ₹100
  • No KYC is required
  • Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.
  • Withdrawal methods: UPI and Bank.

The app does not verify the details that you enter, so make sure you enter the correct details.

Teen Patti 555 Refer & Earn Program:

teen patti 555 refer and earn

You can invite your friends to play on this app and earn money. And you will also earn 30% commission of their tax amount.

  1. Open the app and share your referral link.
  2. Your friends will get the sign up bonus.
  3. And you will earn unlimited commission when they play

There are additional rewards as well. So for every friend that deposits, ₹1000 or more you will get ₹80-₹100.

refer and win

Teen Patti 555 Games List:

1. Rummy Game: – If you are an export in playing Rummy, then Rummy game is also available in it, two men wait, you have to bet at least 80 paise and you can win if King comes in it.

2. Teen Patti Game: – You are an expert in playing Teen Patti, and I think, if you like the game very much, then there is also a Teen Patti game, in which two men, three men and four men can also bet. has to wait a minimum of 10 paise, its bet gradually increases, and if your patti comes more than that, you can win, assuming you don’t know how to play Teen Patti game, don’t think too much There are many games available in this, by playing which you can generate very good earning.

3. Dragon Vs Tiger Game:- dragon vs tiger game is played by a lot of people, and you can also play this game in this app, a lot of people like this game, after all why do people like this game, why not, Because this game is very easy to play, this game is divided into three parts, and you have to bet in anyone, in this you can bet at least ₹ 10.

4. Andar Bahar:- If you want to earn by playing this game also, then this game works exactly like Ander Bahar Game, just like you play outside game inside, you can play this game in the same way. , in which two betting options are available, 1. Andar 2. Bahar In this, if you bet in any, then you get as much as 1: 9, mind you ₹ 100 in Ander’s Slots Bet, and if you win, you will get ₹99 Extra, in the same way, if you bet money in Bahar Slots, then you also get it in the form of 1:9.

5. Zoo Roulette Game:- Zoo Roulette game is also seen inside this app, this game is similar to Car Roulette so if you want to play game inside it then you can play it.

6. Teen Patti 20-20:- The good thing is that you guys have been given Teen Patti 20-20 game here too, in which you can participate, in this two men, three men and four men can also bet. You have to wait a minimum of 10 paise, its bet gradually increases, and if your patti comes more than that, then you can win, assuming you do not know how to play Teen Patti Game, then think more No, there are many games available in it, which you can generate quite good earnings by playing.

7. Baccarat Game:- And if you also play Baccarat game, then the secret game is also available inside this application, if you like, you can earn by playing this game too, so I think, that a lot of people do not like this game, but if you play 7 Up Down and Dragon vs Tiger game, then you can play this game very easily.

8. Fishing Rush: – If you like to play fish game, then don’t get tensed friends, there are games with Fishing Rush available in which fish have to die with fireballs, you must know how to play this game if you don’t know. If so, then you or the app first download and enjoy.

9. 7 Up Down Game: – This game is divided into three parts, and you have to bet in any one, in this you can bet at least ₹ 10, in which only one part wins, and in case of tie. Your money is returned to your account, this game is divided into three parts, and you have to bet in any one, in this you can bet at least ₹ 10.

10. Variation Game :- And here you guys have been given a Variation Game from friend in which you also get a chance to play Joker, Hukam, Ak 47, Muflis, Game.

11. 10 Cards Game:- In this game 10 Cards game with cards is also seen, if you guys also play 10 Cards game, then you get to see the support of this game inside it, then you can easily find 10 cards here. can also play games.

12. Car Roulette Game: – In this Car Roulette game has been given in which by participating you people get 8 batting options in which you can sit and take profit up to 20 times.

13. Best Of Five Game: – In this game also you get four different tables in which you have to stomach the people and in the last one of the tables you win when the high card comes.

14. Poker:- Many of our friends also like to play Poker Game and also comment, you also get to see Poker Game inside this game, in which you can play card related game, and even more earning. can do.

15. Fruit Line:- These games are also given well in this, the name of this game is Fruit Line, so it will be a fruit cutting game, if you want to play fruit games then this will be the best for you. A lot of people play this game for fun, but in this app you can earn money sitting at home by playing this game.

Teen Patti 555 APK FAQs

How Do I Add Money?

  1. First download the app and install it on your mobile.
  2. To add money, open it and click on the button with PAY
  3. Then select your amount and click on Add Chips.
  4. Then you’ve got to finish your KYC by filling Name, Number & Email.
  5. Select any choice to make payment and make payment,
  6. After the payment is successful, your money is going to be added to your Game ID.
  1. Open the app and click Refer and Earn.
  2. Copy your referral link
  3. Share it with your friends.
  4. You can also share your link via WhatsApp without copying.

Is Teen Patti 555 APK Safe?

Friends, now you’ll be curious to understand whether this application is 100% Trusted & Verified or not, then we tell you that this app is fully verified, because we will also earn excellent from this application, but during this, you simply need Financial risks are involved, thanks to which you’ll become hooked in to it, because as we’ve already mentioned, there are financial risks involved during this , if you would like , you’ll start your earning by adding your money. But there’s also a chance that you might lose your money so be careful.

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